Take a deep breath and say these names: Black Widow Winery, D`Angelo Estate Winery, Elephant Island Orchard Wines, Hillside Estate Winery & Bistro, Kettle Valley Winery, La Frenz Winery, Lake Breeze Vineyards, Laughing Stock Vineyards, Nichol Vineyard & Estate Winery, Poplar Grove Winery, Red Rooster Winery, Therapy Vineyards, Township 7 Vineyards, Van Westen Vineyards, 3 Mile Estate Winery, Perseus Winery, Misconduct Wine Co., Upper Bench Estate Winery, Moraine Estate Winery and Serendipity Winery.
If you are out of breath, consider a gym membership, because the Naramata Bench Wineries Association membership continues to grow. Upper Bench Estate Winery, Moraine Estate Winery and Misconduct Wine Co. are new additions and more are soon to come.
That the Naramata Bench makes great wine and has become a huge wine tourist draw is a well-known story. Much of that success can be attributed to the wineries’ commitment to work together, with both large and small producers recognizing there is strength in numbers.

Promoting the Association has always meant getting out, pouring wines and connecting with consumers and trades locally and in other markets. In February, Naramata wineries once again sponsor the award-winning Eat.Drink.Tweet at Okanagan College’s social media conference. In April, the Annual Spring Release events featuring new releases from the member wineries will be rolled out in New Westminster and Victoria. Naramata on the River which will be held on April 24th at New Westminster Quay, is hosted by and a fundraiser for The BC Cultural Crawl and will be featuring great wines, food, art and music. On April 26th the Naramata roadshow moves to Victoria, where Vancouver Islanders will be treated to another great evening of wine, food and music, hosted by and a fundraiser for the Victoria Conservatory of Music that will be held at the Crystal Gardens. Both venues will host Trade Events during the day. Visit the website for event and ticket information. Visitors to what has been described as the most beautiful wine region in the country can also look forward to a multitude of events at wineries throughout this season.

“We take our wines out to wine enthusiasts, but we also want to bring people to Naramata and share authentic, fun experiences where they can get to know our wineries personally,” says Association Marketing Director Tina Baird. Watch out for a newly-designed web site, www.naramatabench.com and log in to Twitter (@naramatawines) and Facebook (Naramata Bench Wineries) to keep track of the wineries’ events.

~ Lorne Eckersley