Gehringer Brothers Winery is an important brick in the foundation of the wine industry, not only in the Okanagan, but in the entire province. The brothers played a part in a major research project in the 70s that was key in determining the direction of the wine industry today. In 2012, some 40 years later, they are still making history. Wine Press Northwest magazine holds a wine competition known as the Platinum Wine Awards. In order to be accepted into the competition, a wine must have previously been awarded a Gold Medal, setting this competition apart from many others. This year Gehringer Brothers Winery was awarded 6 Platinum Medals. Throughout the 12 year history of this competition, Gehringer Brothers has been awarded 25 medals; the most of any participating winery in the Pacific Northwest. That is definitely something to be proud of. The awarded wines include 2010 Gewürztraminer-Schönburger, 2010 Ehrenfelser, 2010 Minus 9 Ehrenfelser Icewine, along with 2010 Private Reserve Riesling, 2010 Dry Riesling, and 2010 Auxerrois.

The 2010 Private Reserve Riesling is a slightly off dry white, with a soft, luscious nose brimming with honeycomb and ripe melons. The palate is rife with flavours of honeydew, mild apple (more akin to Ambrosia than Granny Smith), citrus notes running more to lemon than lime with a long, pleasant finish.

2010 Dry Riesling

A bright and lively nose just packed with Granny Smith and citrus. The palate erupts with lime zest, honeycomb and a hint of apple for good measure. A long, pleasant finish with a hint of grapefruit zest and a great deal of honey is the perfect end to the fairy tale in your glass.

2010 Auxerrois

Another award winner. This Chardonnay sibling is rare here, due to limited commercial availability of the vines, but really worth trying. The nose displays honeysuckle and citrus with tropical notes. The palate is full of ripe pears and baked tropical fruit with a slightly stony edge. The gorgeous acidity allows this wine to be lush without getting flabby.

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~ Courtney Fossett