It is said that if you want to do well, do what you love. Ron Jaggard and Karen Donison are passionate advocates of, and avid participants in, the BC wine scene. These grape nuts decided that their dream was to run a wine tour company that was different from the rest. They focus on providing small groups (7 people or less) with intimate, customized wine tours throughout the various sub-regions of the Okanagan and Similkameen.

What makes them stand out? Karen and Ron have been working closely with a number of Okanagan wineries to develop relationships with them that not only allow them to bring their guests into areas of the wineries that not everyone gets to see, but to do so throughout the year. They even conduct tours in the winter months. Due to the small size of the groups that they tour with, Karen is able to customize on the fly according to the tastes of the individuals in the group. Their prices are comparable to those of the larger tour companies and since you get to spend the day tooling around in their luxurious Lincoln Navigator it’s well worth the money! Karen doesn’t merely chauffeur her guests from winery to winery; she lives the experience along with them, so that by the end of the day, everyone leaves as “grape” friends.

~ Courtney Fossett