Focus is the best word to describe what is happening at Meyer Family Vineyards this year. A focused, single vineyard wine portfolio, a second season in their beautiful new wine shop which engages all of the senses, and a new website to bring it all together online. Keeping that focus is the job of Sharon Misselbrook, who offers up an awesome tasting experience for visitors of their wine shop.

The new wine shop was a raving success during its first full season. Unique among Okanagan wineries, it offers an inverted view that also has some added benefits. While most wineries try to position their wine shops to overlook a vista of vineyards and valleys, Meyer Family Vineyards have located their wine shop at the bottom of a cozy hollow. Rows and rows of vines lead down the hill to the bottom giving visitors at the tasting bar a wrap around view of the same vines that produced the wines being sipped.

Being surrounded by vines also has an added benefit: it is amazingly quiet. Even the road running past the winery is an aural afterthought by time your ears adjust to the sounds of the vines. For those who are lucky to be there at that time, the family has allowed a neighbor to practice his bagpipes on the hill above the vineyard adding a beautiful musical dimension to an otherwise pristine acoustic environment.

A feast for the senses at a winery would not be complete without wine and that is where Sharon Misselbrook keeps things steady in the wine shop. To say that Sharon is passionate about wine is an understatement. Sharon loves wine the way that bears love honey and it shows with every tasting she does at the tasting bar. When I ask her what Meyer Family Vineyards has planned for the upcoming season, she is tight-lipped, revealing only that there will be lots of surprises this year. “Check out all the upcoming events on our webpage, Facebook site, and Twitter.”

It is no surprise however that this winery is producing some great single vineyard wines. The Tribute Series of Chardonnay for 2010 paid tribute to Paralympian Sonja Gaudet, who took Gold Medals in Wheelchair Curling at the Paralympics in Torino and Vancouver among other honors. “She is extraordinary at what she does,” says Misselbrook. Gaudet has instructed the Tribute donation to be made this year to a highschool graduating student from Vernon’s School District #22 who strives for excellence in the face of adversity.

In addition to the Tribute Chardonnay, the latest Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the McLean Creek Vineyard (where the winery and wine shop are located) have just been released. As well, the new vintage of Gewürztraminer and Rosé will be released in the spring. The only change from previous years will happen with the new Rosé, which will be based on Pinot Noir rather than Gamay.

Stop by Meyer Family Vineyards in OK Falls for amazing experience for all your senses!

~ Luke Whittall