One of the quotes that grace the RauDZ website is from Paris Wolf: “Isn’t life delicious!” This is the kind of sentiment that permeates the restaurant and is evident on the faces of all who work there. You can tell these people have fun sharing their passion for good food and drink. And spring is one of their favourite times of year.

New flavours are coming through the back door at RauDZ daily – asparagus, spinach and rhubarb are some of the first to inspire Chef Rod Butters and his culinary team. The new spring menu reflects the excitement of fresh local products that showcase new beginnings. Audrey Surrao and the Liquid Chefs will be in search of new libations as well, as new BC wines are released and new combinations appear at RauDZ bar. Did you know 90% of the extensive wine list is local labels?

The team at RauDZ Regional Table is one of consummate professionals who are all very serious… about enjoying their work. They are dedicated to serving local food and drink in a comfortable environment. The exquisite flavour combinations of menu items and drinks paint a regional picture for you, and the warm wood and brick features encourage you to linger and enjoy quality time with friends, or even strangers if you take an open place at the communal heartwood pine table that anchors the room. You can relax with the staff and feel at home.

~ Kristin Peturson-Laprise