Perched high above Lake Okanagan, nestled midway down the slopes of a well-known Westside mountain rests Little Straw Vineyards. With stunning views of the lake and surrounding vineyards, Little Straw features a beautifully designed wine shop, along with an art gallery on the second level showcasing local art. Also upstairs is The Barrel Top Grill, a 60-seat bistro (with patio!) that presents a delectable grill-focused tapas menu, open daily 12-4 right through summer. 

The incredibly food-friendly wines of Little Straw, produced by Winemaker and Owner Pete Slamka, are luscious in flavour and highlight the minerality of the soil in which the grapes are grown. Little Straw is proud to produce wine that is almost exclusively Estate-grown, with the exception of their Merlot-Cabernet-Syrah. 

If you notice wines at Little Straw (or elsewhere on store shelves) labeled Le Petite Paille – these are wines also produced here. Directly translated from French to English, Le Petite Paille is…Little Straw! 


2008 Le Petite Paille Pinot Noir $21.90

Muted aromas of violet and rose petal lead to ripe strawberry and dark cherry notes. Just released last year, enjoy this wine now. 


2008 Cuvée Noir $24.90

A rich blend of Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Pinot Noir, with a splash of Blaufränkisch.  A dry and well-balanced wine with ripe cherry and leather flavours, with a lingering finish. 


2011 Tapestry $16.90

Tapestry’s signature wine weaves together the unforgettable and unique flavours of Traminer, Siegerrebe, Auxerrois, and Riesling. Sampled prior to bottling in early spring, this vintage of Tapestry promises to remain a favourite. 

~ Kris Johnson