Fesh summer greens and vegetables from The Cove’s very own garden will be on your plate for the first time this year.  Executive Chef Grant de Montreuil is repeating his previous successes at other wineries by starting his own vegetable and herb garden so that he can bring the ultimate in fresh flavours to his guests’ tables at the Bonfire Grill at the Cove Resort on Gellatly Bay.  As various crops peak, look forward to seeing exciting new Feature Sheets showcasing their home-grown produce.  In addition, the Chef will continue to incorporate local and organic produce from local suppliers such as Fester’s Peppers. Stoney Paradise and Little Creek Gardens.

This year the poolside Cabana Kitchen will have an expanded and more child-friendly menu to cater to resort guests and boaters.  The resort’s unique Dock n’ Dine and Dock n’ Go programs will continue to serve the needs of boaters who’d like to tie up and have a meal – or call ahead and pick up fine fare to take home.  Only in the Okanagan!

The restaurant will have re-vamped menus and wine lists for the summer season – featuring a strong representation of Okanagan and other BC wines.  It works co-operatively with nearby Westside Wine Trail wineries, increasing service staff’s knowledge of local wines and showcasing the restaurant’s passion for locally-sourced high-quality products.  The proximity to numerous highly-regarded wineries leads Chef de Montreuil to recommend The Cove Lakeside Resort as an “ideal base camp for an Okanagan wine safari” – a view shared by wine-savvy South African-born Restaurant Manager Brett Adamson.

Be sure to stay tuned for the start up of live music on the patio on Thursday nights starting June 28th featuring outstanding local artists.  No greater place to enjoy Okanagan’s finest food, wine and music, all set against a fabulous view of the lake!  (And – if you should over-indulge – stay overnight and enjoy the hearty $4.99 breakfast next morning.)


~ Allison Fader