Tucked away in Summerland's residential lakeside district of Trout Creek is a classy place unlike any other. Worthy of the most discerning taste, yet inviting enough for the casual enthusiast, Delong Studio captures the essence of authentic style: in jewellery, accessories, eye-candy and more.

From the moment I step inside Delong Studio, I'm in treasure-seeking heaven. Each spotless glass case holds an incredible variety of silver jewelry; each display an art-form unto itself. The nuances of colour and light, the patterns within the stones, the tingling sensation I get when nearing something that spoke to my soul. It simply took my breath away.

One-of-a-kind silver and stone cuff-links, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces – in a myriad of colours, shapes and styles are meticulously displayed. From the hand-woven raw-silk Kashaya scarves, to the hand-tooled gaucho-style leather-work and purses, there is something here that could appeal to anyone.

You don't have to be a purveyor of fine gemstones to appreciate Delong Studio (but it doesn't hurt!). Sophistication, beauty, remarkable quality are within one's grasp.

Being artists themselves, Proprietor's Anita and John Delong not only create unparalleled pieces, they travel extensively in search of incredible finds from internationally-renowned silversmiths and crafts-people. Here is a place where the beauty of the earth meets the seasoned eyes and hands of the experienced artist-at-work. 


~ Sarah Willard