The roster of wines at EauVivre Estate Winery will be getting a big new addition this summer. The introduction of a big red is the special new release for the summer touring season. For fans of EauVivre’s Cabernet Franc and Malbec, this could be the wine you’ve been waiting for.

Buddhafull is a meritage (or Bordeaux-style) blend that features Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Malbec with a touch of Syrah. The name evolved from simple repetition. “We hadn’t named it yet and we kept calling it our big and beautiful red,” explains Co-Proprietor Jeri Estin. “Saying big, beautiful over and over again, we started to think of a full-bellied buddha and since this wine is so full-bodied, we came up with Buddhafull to represent our beautiful, full bodied red.”

If you were lucky enough to score a bottle of EauVivre’s Malbec two years ago, you’ll be happy to know that the Malbec will be returning to the lineup this year and for many future vintages. “We’ll have Malbec now on a continual basis,” Co-Proprietor Dale Wright assures me. The original Malbec was a successful trial run of that variety and it had taken a few years for the new vines to grow to supply the new vintages of Malbec.

Visitors to EauVivre’s winery in Cawston will also get to experience a laid-back, sunny Similkameen Sunday of En Plein Air Art & Music. On selected Sundays throughout the season, guests are invited to “bring a picnic, paint, and/or musical instrument” to their patio where they can also enjoy a glass of wine and meet local artists and musicians.

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~ Luke Whittall