Seven Stones owner George Hanson is extremely pleased with the quality and complexity that he is tasting from his portfolio of reds released this past spring. The past two vintages have been challenging but the extra care and attention to the wines in the vineyard and in the cellar have produced a great portfolio of amazing reds.

Pinot Noir is the ultimate prize for winemakers around the world. Hanson takes no chances when dealing with this delicate grape, ensuring that it never sees a pump throughout its time in the winery. No doubt the new 2011 Pinot Noir Rosé is handled just as well. Unlike other wineries who drain off a portion of juice to make a Rosé wine and concentrate the remaining red wine (a process called Saignée), Hanson insists on making Rosé from a completely separate batch of grapes. The 2011 Rosé was left on the skins for 30 hours before pressing and the skins were taken away for composting.

This same care and attention also helped create the 2010 Syrah, an extremely nuanced and complex wine released early in the summer. Limited production of this wine might make it harder to find than other reds from Seven Stones, but be assured that the search will be absolutely worth it.

Pinot Noir Rosé 2011 $19.00

Beautifully light, red cherries, light streak of minerality, looooong finish.

Syrah 2010 $35.00

Aromas of black pepper, plum jam, perfume, violets, and bouquets of flowers. Palate is soft and velvety, with flavours of smoked meat, spice and a wonderfully long, plummy finish.

~ Luke Whittall