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Rhys Pender MW

1. Which style of wine sees most of its annual sales occur during summer months?
    a) Pinot Noir
    b) Rosé
    c) Oaked Chardonnay

2. A number of Okanagan and Similkameen wineries are now making sparkling wine they call Frizzante. What method are they using to get the bubbles into the wine?
    a) Carbon Dioxide Injection Method
    b) Traditional Method
    c) Charmat / Tank Method

3. The majority of vineyards in British Columbia are irrigated using which method?
    a) Overhead sprinkler irrigation
    b) Drip irrigation
    c) Flood irrigation

4. Grapes exposed to the hot summer sun can be prone to which of the following?
    a) Sunburn
    b) Rot
    c) Under ripeness

5. Chardonnay is not an overly aromatic grape variety but showcases winemaking techniques well. What is the ideal service temperature to highlight the best attributes of Chardonnay?
    a) Very Cold (3-5°C)
    b) Cold (6-8°C)
    c) Slightly Chilled (10-12°C)

6. What does Angels’ share refer to?
    a) Wine that evaporates during barrel aging
    b) Wine that is spilt during winemaking
    c) Wine that is drunk by the winemaker during winemaking

7. What is the most planted white grape variety in British Columbia?
    a) Riesling
    b) Pinot Gris
    c) Chardonnay

2. Approximately how many cases of wine were produced in British Columbia in 2010?
    a) 850,000
    b) 1.3 million
    c) 2.2 million

3. How many wineries are there in British Columbia licensed to make wine from grapes?
    a) 77
    b) 153
    c) 209


1. b
2. a
3. b
4. a
5. c
6. a
7. b
8. b
9. c