Our first and hopefully last blunder in the Okanagan Spirits tasting room saw us swirling our elegant Eau-de-Vie glasses like tilt-a-whirl teacups on a carnival ride and then plunging our noses in.

If I may,” cautioned Director of Marketing and Operations Rodney Goodchild. “Unlike wines, spirits release alcohol too quickly when swirled. That doesn’t allow you to appreciate their complex flavours.” A better approach is to inhale gently and slowly acclimatize your palate by savouring just a sip. And then another.

With knowledgeable (and kind) Rodney as a guide, this beautiful tasting room near the Kelowna waterfront is truly a delight for anyone interested in artisanal distilling. An ornate, operating copper-pot still, the faint aroma of fruity mash, reclaimed ceiling beams and plank flooring, and a magnificent curved bar transform the room into a treat for the senses.

How good are these spirits?

Consider their Poire William Eau-de-Vie — it topped 56 other North American craft spirits in a ranking by the prestigious Spirit Journal, which called it “lovely, graceful, and world-class”. It doesn’t get better than that.

In addition to walk-in tastings, Okanagan Spirits offers public events ranging from cocktail dinners to poetry readings.
One event you won’t want to miss is this fall’s tasting of caviar and Okanagan Spirits Vodka. The sustainably harvested black caviar will be Sechelt’s Northern Divine, which Travel & Leisure Magazine called one of the Top Five Producers in the World.

Superb products to enjoy together!

~ Barry Potyondi