There's something small to look forward to for lovers of Volcanic Hills wine. Two “small lots” were bottled over the past summer:  a Reserve Chardonnay 2011 and a Reserve Pinot Noir 2010 that will be available in the wine shop only.  "In the spring of 2013, if it's ready," says owner Bobby Gidda with a smile that clearly indicates that he's not about to release any wine before it is ready.  "If it's not ready, then maybe a summer release."&nbsp

These wines were made with grapes from vines that were allowed to grow only a single cluster of fruit per shoot. This increases the sugars and flavours of the grapes but also reduces the total crop levels. Approximately 50-60 cases of each of the Reserves were made, making this an extremely small lot of wine. "We sacrifice quantity for quality," maintains Gidda. 

Don't expect these wines to be available for long!  In keeping with the value-driven prices that Volcanic Hills is famous for, these wines won't be priced in the stratosphere. "We can produce wines that have great flavour, winning lots of awards and keep the prices reasonable so that people can buy," says Bobby.  "Wine is a luxury. For most people it's not an essential item. That's why we keep our prices low." 

He’s also excited about the progress being made for their on-site, outdoor restaurant “Lazeez” which means delicious in urdi.  It will be opening in summer of 2013, featuring East Indian fare – something that no other local winery restaurant has done so far.

For their Fall Wine Festival event on Sunday, September 30, Volcanic Hills will be hosting an Open House  that will run from 12-4pm with complimentary wine and Indian cuisine tastings  and tours of the winery (at 12:30, 1:30, 2:30

Volcanic Hills is open year round for all of your wine needs, even on holidays. "In India, when they have a holiday, every shop is open. Anyone that has a break, they're going shopping." Check them out anytime online at

~ Luke Whittall