When you want evening pizza, you want something special, crafted just for you. Totally house-made: satisfying crust, delectable sauce and toppings. The answer: an artisanal wood-fired pizza from de Bakker’s Kitchen in Kelowna.

Let’s start with the dough. “It’s naturally-leavened sourdough, no yeast, a custom blend of local and organic flours,” says co-owner Mary de Bakker. “Choose regular crust or spelt, a wheat-free alternative.” 

Once you have selected your ideal pizza crust, you can opt for de Bakker’s popular trademark creations, one of their rotating specials, or build your own with a dazzling variety of toppings. 

The trademark creations, for example, centre around a main ingredient such as Italian sausage or roast chicken (even anchovies), which is individually enhanced with other complimentary additions. 

When you build your own, you decide what you want to add, from roasted mushrooms to something distinctive like prosciutto.

Your special just-for-you pizza is then baked to perfection in de Bakker’s real woodfire oven, heated by local apple wood.

Accompany your evening pizza with a glass of wine, a house-made soup or scrumptious salad. Pasta specials are also available if you want to choose something special and delicious.

“We are open for dinner,” reminds Mary. “Not just in the daytime!” De Bakker’s is known for their popular lunch trade, which has a different menu offering sandwiches, pastas, occasional casseroles and foccacia breads. They also have an artisanal bakery with frozen soups and casseroles for you to take home.

~ Dona Sturmanis