Tucked gently in the slopes of Summerland is a welcoming winery and vineyard that pays homage to the sun and heat we all love, Sonoran Estate Winery. Owners Ada and Arjan Smits have plans for all kinds of new things this season for their guests! 

Spring is worth celebrating, and what better wine for that than sparkling…  the 2011 Sparkling Jazz Series Riesling ($21.90) does the trick nicely with a perfumed pear nose and a cacophony of fruit flavours to awaken your palate. It features one of the new paper labels, with art by Will Enns. 

Michael Mosny is the new Winemaker at Sonoran Estate and he is excited to have moved to the Okanagan from his native Slovakia, where the terroir is different but the innovative spirit is just as keen. He loves that all the vineyard contact with the vines is by hand at Sonoran’s estate vineyards; he knows that attention will pay off in the wine. 

The Full Moon Bistro will be open again this season for light lunches, with new items on the menu. There is an expansion to the building planned as well, so that guests will be offered even more hospitality when they visit.


~ Kristin Peturson-Laprise