A self-described “simple man with simple tastes”, Sal D’Angelo knows that making great wine is all about the farming. Rarely a day goes by when he can’t be found out in his vineyards.

Sal is a firm believer, too, that his wines shouldn’t be released until he knows they are ready to drink at their best. The 2011 Viognier, the only D’Angelo white, is the youngest product on the shelf. Pinot Noir lovers will enjoy the 2009 version with its rich colour, intense raspberry and black pepper aromas, soft tannins and lingering caramel finish.

2009 Tempranillo, 2009 Merlot-Cab Sauv (73% Merlot) and 2007 Sette Coppa Riserva unfiltered are all drinking beautifully right now. The D’Angelo Sette Coppa is a popular Bordeaux blend using the five traditional “noble” grape varietals. The percentages of each grape vary from year to year as Sal does his magic in the winery.

This summer will see the release of Sal’s two new babies—iced wines fortified with brandy made from D’Angelo wines! Dolce Vita Bianco, made from Viognier, and Dolce Vita Rosso, from Tempranillo, are rich and luscious, judging by barrel samples. 

“They aren’t as sweet as icewine,” Sal says of the wines he has created for post-dinner sipping. The Dolce Vita twins will be sold in 200ml bottles at prices that guarantee they won’t be around for long!

D’Angelo Estate Winery offers visitors a great experience. Complimentary tastings, a picnic area (snacks are available) and the popular bed and breakfast, all with gorgeous views of Okanagan Lake, encourage visitors to settle in and enjoy the Naramata Bench experience.

~ Lorne Eckersley