Let’s call it wine crowdsourcing. Orofino Vineyards has only six acres of vines, pruned hard to optimize quality, yet produces 5,200 cases of extraordinary wine per year. Even high-yielding vineyards couldn’t get so many bottles from so few acres.

It works at Orofino because John and Virginia Weber embody the spirit of agricultural co-operation that has prevailed in the Similkameen Valley for a century. By virtue of strong relationships with neighbouring grape-growers, they have access to a larger virtual vineyard that lets them expand production, showcase the local terroir, and win one award after another.

The grapes in their opulent Riesling, for example, are from three nearby vineyards. Fermented with several yeast strains to add complexity, this wine is a luscious, fruit-forward mouthful with a deep vein of minerality. Think fine Mosel.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re enjoying their earthy, impeccably made Pinot Noir, their peppery, Gold Medal winning Syrah or their Prosecco-thumping Moscato Frizzante, you’ll swear you can taste Europe in the glass.

If you expect to be in the Similkameen Valley on August 10th, book now for Orofino’s popular 1.6 Mile Dinner. You’ll enjoy a sumptuous meal of produce from within a 1.6 mile radius paired with the winery’s finest bottles. There are only 115 patio seats available, so act quickly.

And if you can’t make that spectacular event, just pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it in the shade of the winery’s almond trees. You’ll always feel welcome at Orofino.  

~ Barry Potyondi