While many involved in the Okanagan’s wine and tourism industries spend their winter months rejuvenating, DeLong Studio proprietors Anita & John DeLong are busy on a grand adventure – hunting down and creating one-of-a-kind treasures and jewellery that will grace their Summerland boutique.

Summer is the biggest season at DeLong Studio, revealing the greatest variety of hand-crafted silversmith jewellery, accessories, and more. Silver remains DeLong Studio’s focal-point, paired handsomely with side-dishes of hand-tooled leather purses, exquisite pottery, hand-blown dichoic glass pieces, hand-woven raw-silk Kashaya scarves, and gemstone specimens. 

Spending time perusing their aesthetically-pleasing boutique is to jewellery what a  9-course fine-dining experience is to food.  A leisurely pace is the best way to appreciate the intimate knowledge of everything the DeLong’s have to offer.

DeLong Studios parallels the trend in the food-to-fork ‘Slow-Food’ movement, what John calls their ‘mine-to-bling’ experience. With every ring, bracelet or necklace, the DeLongs can trace it’s ancestry:  where the gems were mined, the world-class artisans who made or co-created them. A story in authenticity unfolds as you find yourself admiring the particular piece that ‘speaks’ to you or for someone you love.

In women’s fashion, Anita sees a return to the art-nouveau retro-French looks adored by Jackie-O and recently, Adele. Pearls, like Baroque and Tahitian, are trending along with big, signature pieces. For men, understated yet impressive elements, like gemstone cuff-links and turquoise-set leather-worked bracelets, are an impeccable choice. New to the studio are retro-Russian pieces of classic art (such as Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’) hand-painted on mother-of-pearl. A signature necklace like one of these can transform any attire into a sensation.

Whatever your style, DeLong Studio is sure to have something that will capture your heart. As the ephemeral taste of Okanagan wines fade away, a piece from DeLong Studio will allow your Okanagan memories to endure.


~ Sarah Willard