The trip to Larch Hills Winery is the start of a fine wine experience, with beautiful vistas everywhere.  Upon arrival, you’ll see that Larch Hills is framed by Salmon Arm, Deep Creek Valley and Enderby.  

The grapes grown at the high elevation here have a very limited growing season so they have to be early ripeners, and the Ortega is a perfect example of this.  Proprietor Hazel Manser says it is a very popular selection.   

“Ortega is our signature wine.  The 2011 is a great sipper.  Everyone likes it as it’s easy to drink.  The Ortega has a crisp, citrusy finish and pairs very well with Thai or spicy foods.”

Siegerrebe is another example of the early ripeners.  Hazel says it took seven years to promote it and it is now selling exceptionally well.  

“We sold out the last two vintages in less than three months.” she says, “This is an outcross of Gewürztraminer and Madeleine Angevine plants.  The Siegerrebe has tropical tones, with intense floral and fruit flavours, such as lychee nuts and passion fruit.  Because we do not irrigate our vineyards, our wines are very flavourful. “

The 2010 Rosé is another perennial favourite in the summer.  It is light, refreshing and fruity. And in reds, the Lemberger is a great summer wine if you like something light and fruity.  Hazel compares it to a Pinot Noir.  

“We sell excellent products for a very good value.  All wines are hand crafted.  And we love to welcome everybody, including  seniors, children and pets to Larch Hills.” 

~ Deanna Rainey