A unique fusion food restaurant has come to the Naramata Bench. The Kitchen at Misconduct Wine Co. brings a taste of Mexico infused with Portuguese and local Okanagan flavours. Mexican born Chef Abul Adame has teamed up with Portuguese, Misconduct winery co-owner, Richard da Silva, to bring an exciting new taste to Okanagan diners.

The restaurant is located just off of the winery’s tasting room and features a striking sprawled deck with a panoramic view. The tapas menu features tapas from $5 or $10 with exquisite dishes such as shrimp and octopus ceviche, grilled chorizo with braised cabbage, toasted walnut and chickpea roasted garlic spread, and mussels and clams in the winery’s own Massacre Rosé sauce. For $24, two guests can dine on Misconduct’s signature paella. Chef Abul also offers a fabulous Chef’s Selection dinner, where, as he puts it, “I take care of them, anything they like, I cook until the table is full”. These unique Chef Selection dinners range in price from $47-$56 per person. Diners are welcome to come anytime as no reservations are required. Simply order the Chef’s Selection and Chef Abul will create signature food sharing plates based on the diners’ food preferences. All menu items pair exquisitely with Misconduct’s wines.

On June 21st The Kitchen at Misconduct will be hosting an evening of music called Solstice Music. There will be a DJ, drinks and a red and white dress theme. For tickets to the event please call toll free: 1-800-851-0903 or visit the website: www.misconductwineco.com/kitchen

~ Natasha Chudyk