Do you recognize the beautiful artwork that we are featuring on our cover this edition?  This romantic image is part of Forbidden Fruit Winery’s brand and will be found adorning their elegant bottles of fruit wine. Each label features the fruit (between hands) that reflects the wine in bottle so all are distinguishable and unique (ie a pear for the Impearfection, a cherry for the Cerise d’Eve and an apple as featured on our cover for Pomme Desiree).  The symbolism of using Adam and Eve on their labels is a perfect fit for owners Steve Venables and Kim Brind’Amour who have created their very own beautiful garden of Eden on their organic farm in the Similkameen. The apple is also a wonderful metaphor for harvest, the theme of this autumn issue.

Kim, also an amazing artist, features her own art in their wine shop for sale.  You can also view it on their website