Jon and Ann-Marie Crofts are celebrating 10 years in business with Codfathers Seafood Market in Kelowna. Over a decade ago the couple moved from England with the hope of owning their own business in the Okanagan. Now with three small children in tow, the jolly British couple finds time to balance owning a business with family responsibilities.

When asked how they manage to do it, Ann-Marie says with a smile: “Keeping a positive attitude, taking turns with the children, and a lot of laughter”. It appears that it won’t be long before the Crofts children will be helping their parents out with the family business. All three children (aged 4-8) are able to shuck oysters. When it comes to family dinner at the Crofts’, the kids have been known to argue over who gets to pin-bone the fish for the night’s meal.

The children have grown up around all kinds of unique seafood – their parents have been bringing in many unique fish flown-in daily from BC’s coast to their Kelowna store for the last decade.

This fall, Codfathers is carrying organic sturgeon meat from Northern Divine seafood in Sechelt, BC. These are fish mongers who pride themselves on carrying organic, Ocean Wise and sustainable products. Another unique seafood dish at Codfathers Seafood Market this fall is rope grown oysters from Outlandish Oysters near Quadra Island.  Albacore tuna is also in season for fall as well as pink salmon until the end of September. You can count on the Crofts family for offering the freshest and most unique seafood in the Okanagan.

~ Natasha Chudyk