Raudz Creative Concepts will unveil their latest project this fall, a liquor primary spot in the space adjacent to RauDZ Regional Table at 1500 Water Street in Kelowna, BC.  Christened micro.bar.bites referring to the concept of the 900 sq. ft. venue, small bites and sips centered around the unique 65 ft. bar.  This small space dictates that the concept be “creatively simple”, a catch phrase the team of Audrey Surrao and Rod Butters use to prepare guests for the paired down approach focusing on quality over quantity. The actual bar is being built from three species of reclaimed wood by Will Brundula, a local craftsman who designed and built the community table at
RauDZ Regional Table.  As usual the team is supporting home-grown talent. The ceilings here are expansive and the walls surrounding the bar of Italian plaster, brick and stone, giving the spot an international flair.  

The soaring ceilings, Italian plaster, brick and stone walls will give the place an international flair.  A conversation piece will definitely be the 20 ft. custom wood chandelier dangling over the bar and containing dozens of caged antique-style lights.  

While next door RauDZ Regional Table will remain family friendly, micro.bar.bites will be drink-centric with craft beer from British Columbia and abroad, both local and international wines and mixed drinks all served up in casual tumblers rather than the more formal glassware used next door. The food menu will not be merely an afterthought of course and guests can expect some interesting small bites with Chef Butters’ signature attached. micro.bar.bites will be open at 3:00 pm until closing and the doors will swing open for the first time fall.

You can follow the process of creating micro.bar.bites on twitter, facebook and instagram.
Facebook.com/microkelowna,Facebook.com/microkelowna,Twitter.com/microkelowna,twitter.com/microkelowna and microkelowna on instagram.

~ Cassandra Anderton