If you happen to be driving through Summerland, take a moment to investigate DeLong Studio, a heavenly little jewelry shop located on a quiet street in the Trout Creek area. Nestled in shady garden setting, the studio itself is as beautiful as its environment.
Proprietors Anita and John DeLong create much of the wearable art for sale in the shop. John, an avid lapidarist, cuts and polishes the rare stones, while Anita designs and handcrafts the settings. The studio features the work of other noted international silversmiths, as well; many of them one of a kind pieces.

A visit to Delong Studio provides a fascinating crash course in geology, and an education in gems, stones and fossils. In addition to beautiful works of sterling silver from throughout the world, you will enjoy seeing delicately detailed ocean jasper from Madagascar; the tiny, naturally occurring “landscape paintings” found in Deschutes jasper; and a myriad of other gemstones from around the world.  If your tastes run to the manmade, they carry many pieces made from Galactic glass in a variety of settings.

DeLong Studio also carries handmade scarves and luxurious hand-tooled leather handbags to complete any look, as well as a variety of other treasures. If you are shopping for a perfect gift for that special someone, you may be assured that whatever you choose at DeLong Studio will be something to treasure for a lifetime. To learn more about what Delong Studio has to offer, visit them online at www.delongstudio.com; the studio is open seven days a week, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

~ Courtney Fossett