Proven trendsetters, Audrey Surrao and Rod Butters of RauDZ Creative Concepts are set to blow people away again as their newest endeavor micro bar.bites opens this fall. Located next door to their already wildly successful restaurant RauDZ Regional Table, micro bar.bites will focus heavily on bar offerings, featuring an ever-changing menu of 10 beers, 10 wines (including French champagne by the glass), 10 premium well highballs and 10 small plates.
Although brand new, micro bar.bites will feel like its been in the space forever as no design detail was left to chance. With only 900 sq. ft to work with, Surrao and Butters teamed with their friend and internationally acclaimed architect, Timothy Bullinger of Arca3 Design Studio to design and help make efficient use of the small space. They centered micro bar.bites on a 65 ft. bar locally made of the end cuts of hickory, fir, black walnut and cherry woods. Fit together like a puzzle, the bar made by Will Brundula (who also made the community table at RauDZ Regional Table) will seat 26 guests on custom-made stools. There are also two tables of four tucked in at the windows by the entrance for small groups. Choosing what to drink and eat will be easy, as all guests will have to do is look up at the handwritten list of items on the galvanized steel menu board. micro bar.bites promises to take no shortcuts right down to serving in house fresh-pressed juice in its hi-balls.
It’s a brazen move, according to owner Audrey Surrao, as micro bar.bites is unlike anything done before. We might be pushing the boundaries on people’s expectations she says, but they can be guaranteed they are going to get an amazing experience.
~ Laura Lushington