Church and State Wines (C&S), synonymous for consistent, award-winning wines and a strong brand of excellence have now joined the international circuit to promote both their label as well as educate the world on our Canadian wine industry.
John Pullen, who has recently returned to the position of marketing director at C&S was excited to fill me in about a recent trip to Asia.  John explained that during their first stop in Hong Kong, they would be presenting to sommeliers, journalists, educators and importers about BC Wine, attending the International Wine & Spirit Fair and having dinner and the Consul General with 15 top sommeliers, journalists and educators. After that, would be off to Tokyo to visit with the embassy there and participate in a Canadian wine technical seminar and mini Canadian wine challenge – a contest overseen by the Japanese Sommelier Association.  John says, “following that, a day with the Terrada Cellar Service taste & buy event, where the clients of Terrada spend up to $800/month just for a tiny little wine cellar – very serious wine enthusiasts!”
Recently Church & State unveiled their much anticipated 2011 Coyote Bowl Syrah, 2012 Gravelbourg Chardonnay and 2011 Coyote Bowl Malbec.  John says that  “the Syrah and Chard will be released shortly on the website ( and via newsletter”.  If you would like to order some, call 250-652-2671 or email
John also notes that “the ‘11 Malbec will be held until next summer at our tasting bar due to extremely limited production (100 cases). Kim and Jeff describe it as the best wine to ever leave our cellar.”  Um, save me some of that please!!
And the award wins continue:
2012 Viognier – Judge’s Choice @ WineAlign World Wine Awards
2012 TreBella – Best of Variety @ WineAlign World Wine Awards

~ Jennifer Schell, a certified C&S Chardonnay addict