Marina Knutson, proprietor of SpierHead Winery in Southeast Kelowna, has some great original ideas for your Christmas table this year, including their 2012 Chardonnay or as she calls it, their “winter white.”  The palate-pleasing Chardonnay has just been released and Marina says they’re thrilled with the result.  
“The Chardonnay is completely estate-grown.  Look for lots of fruit with tropical aromas and a hint of banana and pear.  There is also a tiny bit of vanilla and honey, and a light aroma from the oak.”  
30% of the Chardonnay was aged in French Oak Barrels, with the remainder aged in the tank and blended prior to being bottled.  The 2012 Chardonnay is a truly versatile wine, and pairs well with fish and poultry…including your Christmas bird!
In 2012, SpierHead produced two levels of their crowd-pleasing Pinot Noir.  The Okanagan Valley Pinot Noir sells at $22 per bottle, and their premium Gentleman Farmer Vineyards is $30.  Both are worthy of a wide variety of pairings including the traditional holiday turkey.  These beautiful Pinot Noirs are a clear, purple-ruby color with the Gentleman Farmer slightly deeper in tone.  And while both wines are superb to sip – as Marina says, you don’t have to pair it with anything.  
The SpierHead Okanagan Valley Pinot Noir is silky smooth, relatively low in tannins and a little higher in acid content.  The aroma includes a bit of cherry and a hint of cranberry tartness comes through on the palate, creating an ideal wine for a holiday dinner table.  
The Gentleman Farmer Vineyards Pinot Noir is truly outstanding, reminiscent of ripe strawberries and cherries.  With a distinct aroma, the Pinot Noir is a very silky and intense wine – perfect for the wine aficionados at your Christmas meals.  And Marina sums it all up very simply.  
“We are here to make great wine.  It’s very important to us.”
~ Deanna Rainey