We’re very excited about the incredible 2012 reds and the 2013 whites to be released as they will be stellar vintages both in quality and price,” says Tracy Gray, owner of Discover Wines in both Kelowna and Kamloops. She says the average price per bottle is virtually the same at both stores.

The Kelowna location has been in business 10 years. “We’re still number one in the province for selling BC wine,” reports Tracy. “And we’ve been welcomed with open arms in Kamloops.” Discover Wines opened there in May of 2013. “Kamloops residents are loving the 100% BC wine and local artisan foods concept.”

She is extremely concerned with the government allowing liquor to be sold in grocery stores.” Both Discover Wines stores are in strip malls that have two grocery stores,” she says.

The Christmas season for Discover Wines was very strong, with sales increases over the year before. “Maybe it is a testament to the economy, but many of our corporate customers seem to have budgets that are pre-recession spending.”

As for spring, Tracy says aromatic white wines are still very popular, “Because of early 2013 harvest, many of these whites should be released sooner than usual.” She says Frizzantes and interesting Port-style wines have become growing categories that consumers are really enjoying and looking for.

Discover Wines plans for some spring educational tastings. Like them on Facebook to learn about these events.


~ Dona Sturmanis