Photo: The Bench Market’s Chef/Owner Stewart Glynes (R) visits with one of his local suppliers Richard Haverkam of Backyard Beans.

Most of us have been to one of those neighbourhood eateries before, where you walk in and instantly feel like part of the family; where there’s a sense of comfort and welcome.

It’s an approach The Bench Market’s owners, Stewart and Heather Glynes, are taking seriously.

Situated in a residential area, The Bench Market is part of a vibrant neighbourhood and the Glynes are focused on being good neighbours and contributing members of the community.

“It’s important for us to do things locally and actively support our community,” says Heather.

Their approach includes sourcing their food as locally as possible: supporting farmers, growers and ranchers in BC, the Okanagan and right in their own backyard – including bringing in produce from neighbours, planting herbs in the wine barrels on the property, and getting a variety of items from the nearby community garden.  

Even their kitchen trimmings and coffee grounds are composted at a local farm that in turn provides produce for the Bench.

“Bench food goes full circle – from your coffee cup to the garden and back,” Heather explains.
Future plans include the addition of a beehive, vegetable patch and a greenhouse – all right on site.

The Glynes are also supporting the community by donating proceeds from lunch features to a different local charity each month.
From the kitchen to the dining experience, to the free exhibit space for local artists, to the local products sold in the market, The Bench Market is continuing to weave itself into the fabric of the community.
~ Tracy Clark