No South Okanagan wine tour is complete without a visit to Silver Sage Winery.  Why not make your tour into a special weekend getaway in one of their three guest suites?  The Passion room is their honeymoon suite, and the Sunset and Pearl rooms are also available.  

With Spring comes new releases.  The 2013 Pinot Blanc is crisp and clean with notes of citrus and Granny Smith apples. This wine is great with a variety of dishes.  The 2013 Gewürztraminer displays notes of rose on the nose, and tropical fruit flavours.  It’s slightly a great match for spicier Asian dishes.  Last but not least is the 2013 Sage Grand Reserve.  Silver Sage is well known for this distinctive Gewürztraminer fermented with wild sage.  The end result is crisp with complementary herbal, spice and floral notes.  

Their Sunset blush wine is lovely.  This blend of Pinot Blanc with cranberry and raspberry is refreshing and invigorating.  It pairs best with a lovely twilight scene, good company and warm breezes making it the perfect way to celebrate any sunset.

You’ll find more details on their web site:  The wine shop is open from 10 am to 6 pm daily until October 15th.
~ Courtney Fossett