BOOK REVIEW: Okanagan Slow Road
Author Bernadette McDonald
Illustrated by Artist Karolina Born-Tschümperlin

Experience the magic of the Okanagan Valley as author Bernadette McDonald takes you on an intimate odyssey through the diverse culture, landscapes and tastes found in the interior of British Columbia.  Artist Karolina Born-Tschümperlin poetically brings the pages to life through her gallery of paintings depicting the beautiful and rich countryside surrounding her. Bernadette and Karolina have created a unique and delicious insider’s guide that will capture the hearts of all.  

“Eat local, buy local, cook the food yourself, pair dishes with local vintages, and have a lot of fun in the process. Take your time. Slow down. Taste. Smell. Those are the messages of Okanagan Slow Road.”

This must-have book for food and wine lovers and for local and visiting Okanagan adventurers is available at most wineshops around the valley and bookstores. 

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~ Jennifer Schell