Bead Trails was created by Summerland’s Karen Griggs to promote Okanagan businesses and communities. People start with a map and bracelet obtained from South Okanagan Visitors Centres and other participating locations. The brochure lists locations with their own signature beads to find, collect and purchase, adding to a Bead Trails bracelet. “It has become the thing to do in the Okanagan, especially for wine lovers coming to the region,” says Karen. There are now over 50 wineries as well as boutiques, restaurants, artists and non-profit organizations, totaling more than 125 locations involved in Bead Trails.

Jewelry designer-creator Karen was the artist-in-residence at the Summerland Art Gallery when she decided, if you can have a wine trail, why not a bead trail? “With the support of Community Futures, here we are now with 7 community bead trails and more to come.”
“The success of the business is due because everyone loves a story, exploring and finding little treasures,” says Karen. “Each bracelet is meaningful because it is unique to the bead trailer who made it.”

West Kelowna was added to Bead Trails this year, and more communities in the Okanagan and beyond are interested in joining in on the fun.

~ Dona Sturmanis