Lawrence and Kena Cormier, owners of Penticton’s Cormier’s Bed and Breakfast and Art Studio, are honoured because in October 2013, they were nominated as a top 10 North American Art Inn for the year through

Cormier’s B&B and Gallery is ideal year round because the beach, marina, festivals, Farmer’s Market and downtown amenities are within walking distance, but especially in the summer when traffic in town can be a bit heavier. Of course, summer brings with it fresh and abundant produce, which B&B guests also find at the Cormier breakfast table.

“We are continually re-landscaping the gardens in an effort to provide more privacy on each guest’s patio,” says Kena. “Our deer fence, which at first I was not too impressed with, has allowed me to plant whatever my little heart desires…I now love my deer fence. Can’t wait to add some veggies to my herb garden this year—that is exciting!”

As for Cormier’s Art Studio, Kena says it always has new art. “Currently I am working on a series of quail, sunflowers, roosters, and of course, wine! Lawrence has just completed a ‘functional fun’ bench with an Okanagan wine and music theme.  He has also finished another in his series of sculptural wall hung trees.”

Lawrence and Kena are entering their 14th year in the bed and breakfast business and their 5th in their new “digs.” Cormier’s is definitely worth the visit, be it to appreciate art for a few hours or stay for a few days.

~ Dona Sturmanis