For decades the brothers Gehringer have been instrumental in defining the wine industry in the South Okanagan as we know it. The 2013 vintage represents the 28th year making wine on the Golden Mile.  When you’ve got an illustrious pedigree like that, you should advertise it.  The latest vintage of Gehringer Brothers wines will be wearing a new addition to their usual label of impeccable understated elegance; and all to let people know about the lineage of award winning wines that came before the bottle they hold in their hand.  

Gehringer Brothers Winery has long been known for their expertise with grapes, but their skill with the Riesling grape in particular must be noted.  Their Private Reserve Riesling and their Riesling have been consistently awarded and well reviewed, particularly by the Northwest Wine Press.  As the 2013 whites are being released, it is a good time to pay particular attention to what might be considered the flagship wines for these two winemaking brothers.  The 2013 Riesling is a rich honey colour with a caressing, honeyed, floral nose.  The palate is soft and sleek with notes of honey, beeswax, Meyer lemon and orange blossom.  The finish is long with distinct mineral undertones.  The 2013 Private Reserve Riesling is the polar opposite.  This wine is much more reserved and austere.  Pale gold with a clean, crisp nose; this wine has a firm palate with classic notes of green apple, citrus zest, honey and beeswax.  The finish is firm and crisp, making this the ideal food wine.

The wineshop at Gehringer Brothers is open year round, and beginning on the May long weekend, it will be open 7 days a week from 9 am to 5:30 pm.
~ Courtney Fossett