Dressed in his trademark board-shorts, speaking exuberantly about locally sourced foods and the wines with which they’re best paired, chef Trevor Mayhew perfectly embodies the nouveau Okanagan vibe that can be found at Little Straw Vineyard.

Passionate about the place they live and the lifestyle it affords, Mayhew and the Slamka family, have created a cozy atmosphere on the lower slopes of Mount Boucherie, where foodies and oenophiles alike can indulge their senses and soak in some valley views.

“I have my own garden and everything on the menu is based on what’s available to me,” Mayhew said, noting that the wines are also figured in to menu development.

Combine those factors with a raft of trade secrets he employs with delectable precision, and the results are worth writing home about.
And, he explained, this year there are a few new tricks up his sleeve.

He’s built his menu making sure that people who have dietary requirements don’t lose out. In particular, he’s considered the needs of vegetarians and people with celiac disease.

“What I’m working on is, as opposed to taking something away when someone says they’re celiac, what if we substitute?” he said.
Signature sides could be wrapped in lettuce or another tasty solution that doesn’t dilute the nature of the meal he’s concocted. Mayhew also pointed out that meat products won’t be laden with bread fillers.
It’s something that will ease the minds of a vast number Grill visitors.
The kitchen opens May 1st and dinner service kicks off mid-June.

~ Kathy Michaels