The two of them arrived on the doorstep of the Inn together last spring”, explains Innkeeper Toni Bloomfield who, with her husband Julius, has been happily running the Inn since purchasing it last year, “they are our f & b dream team!”

She is speaking of chef A.K. Campbell and Jordan Fairman whose enthusiasm makes for a perfect match for the Bloomfields, who themselves have poured their hearts and love into this beautiful property that first opened in 1908 – and it shows.  From the first moment you stroll across the southern style veranda, you will be seduced by the romance and splendor that sighs from every corner.

The Bloomfields are excited to start the spring season at the Inn (which is now open year round) and are kicking things off with A.K.’s delectable new menu.  I love the unique flavour combinations introduced throughout the menu. With dishes focusing on local ingredients, he offers an international array of flavours that he describes as “adventurous”.  For instance, the mussels are served in an amazing saffron, vanilla and roasted fennel sauce.  There is a wide range of dishes to choose from so “whether you would like a burger and a beer or a five-course wine-paired menu, the Bistro has it all”, says Julius.

And don’t forget the cocktail menu!  This is where Jordan’s expertise shines.  The liquid chef in the house also focuses on local ingredients and makes all of his syrups in house.  He loves the cocktail classics and offers them all alongside some new creations like the Sour Cherry Drop that is topped with Jordan’s version of a maraschino cherry (his is a dried cherry from a farm up the road that has been soaked in amaretto- delicious!)

Go to our website to check out The Slammin’ Seared Salmon with Paella Inspired Risotto that chef A.K. has shared with us!

~ Jennifer Schell