Sometimes a change in your prescription can be the perfect remedy, and at Therapy Vineyards change is just what the marketing team ordered. This summer, the winery is rebranding its labels. Not surprisingly, “prescription-style” labels will replace the winery’s iconic “ink blot” labels. (Wine collectors take note: make sure to pick up an “ink blot” bottle before they’re gone for good!).

“The new labels are more classic looking,” says marketing manager Daphne Tomkins. “The fun part about them is the back. You can fill out the prescription and give it to a friend.”

An image of a younger-looking Freud will grace the front of the whites, and an image of Freud in his later years will cover the reds. On the back, you’ll find the prescription. The Gewürztraminer is the first to get the new look, and will be available in Therapy’s wineshop at the beginning of June.

In other news, the winery is set to launch its annual “artist series” bottle.
“Every year we ask local artists from around BC to submit their artwork to be featured on our label,” says Tomkins. “This year’s theme is Dog Days of Summer, and the winning entry is by graphic designer Gerald Alexander from Langley.”

Tomkins says the artwork will be printed on 1000 bottles of Viognier, and will provide Alexander with a unique opportunity to showcase his talent. The wine is popular with collectors who look forward to the new releases each year. The winery will be hosting an “artist series” party on Saturday, June 28th. Customers can pick up a bottle of Viognier and get it signed by Alexander and winemaker Steve Latchford.

Finally, you’re invited to chill out on the patio with a glass of wine, and indulge in some “music therapy” this season. Back by popular demand, Okanagan singer-songwriter duo Aidan Mayes and Mandy Cole will perform several Saturday afternoon shows throughout the summer.

“We’re trilled to have Aidan and Mandy. We’ve had such a positive response to their music in the past, and several customers requested to see them again.” For dates and more information visit

~ Erin Trainer