Looking for delicious Southern comfort food during your Okanagan wine touring? Look no further, Chef Sarren Wolfe (pictured) and his team are bringing their best to the brand-new bistro at Okanagan Fall’s Wild Goose Vineyards this May!

“Chef Sarren came highly recommended from a number of channels,” says Roland Kruger, GM of his family winery. “He’s energetic, passionate, and works well with his family – his mom Fran is his baker and chef assistant!”

The Kruger’s purchased an intimidating large BBQ/smoker/rotisserie unit straight from Tennessee to produce their “Southern-style BBQ-themed” dishes.

“We looked at what other winery restaurants were doing. We wanted a different angle. This is food you can grab with your hands – something that tastes great in an environment where people can feel at home.”

Smoke and Oak is fusion soul food at it’s best, drawing from the Deep South’s rich repertoire and incorporating traditional German elements like spaetzle and rotkohl salat from the Kruger’s time-tested family recipes.

“I’m having a lot of fun with the food,” says Chef Sarren. “Ten minutes drive in either direction, I’ve got access to farms, bakers, butchers and sausage-makers… we want to support the community as much as possible.”

Chef Sarren is dedicated to providing the best possible experience. “That’s what hospitality is all about: having a great experience. If you provide that, success follows suit. When people spend their hard-earned money by going out to eat, they need to be taken care of. Otherwise, why not just eat at home? There has to be a real connection between those making the food and those eating it. I like to greet everyone myself. I want people to say, ‘Wow. Everyone needs to come here.’ Then bring all of their friends!”
Providing well-priced food was something everyone involved agreed on.

“The Krugers said that they were tired of hearing people say that they spent more money on food than wine, yet still left feeling hungry,” explains Chef Sarren.

The Bistro’s open 11-5: Wednesday through Sunday from May to late June, then daily during the summer.
Smoke and Oak is hosting their Grand Opening “Oh Pretty Woman” BBQ during the Okanagan Spring Wine Festival. Enjoy Chef Sarren’s BBQ buffet featuring local meats and produce paired with hand-selected wines by award-winning winemaker, Hagen Kruger. Tickets are $45, and include lunch, wine pairing, and a live Roy Orbison tribute artist.

Contact kate@wildgoosewinery.com or call 250.497.8919.


~ Sarah Willard