Wine Country doesn’t end at the traditional boundaries of the Okanagan.  In fact, just as you leave the North Okanagan you’ll discover one of the northernmost gems in BC Wines, Larch Hills.

As the warm weather hits, it’s an ideal time to taste Larch Hills’ sparkling wines.  Their Ortega, with its citrusy notes, is off dry and an ideal summer sipper.  The Sparkling Rosé hints at strawberry and berry notes.  It is a little sweeter and very fruity.  Both wines sell for $17, making them a terrific bargain.  As Proprietor Hazel Manser says, they are “happy wines!”

One of the first wines expected to sell out at Larch Hills is their 2013 Riesling, with its grapefruit notes and ideal balance between sweetness and acidity.  Their Reds, too, are very popular so now is the time to get them.

The Foch Reserve is very rich with a black cherry flavour, and low in acidity.  Robust, dark and rich, it’s a very easy wine to drink.  Pair it with a barbecued steak.  

`Limburger is the perfect German style summer red,“  says Hazel.  `We say it is berry delicious!  Drink it on its own or with salmon or pasta dishes.“

All Larch Hills wines are grown without irrigation, resulting in smaller, more flavourful berries.  Drop by and sample some unique and delicious wines.

~ Deanna Rainey