Despite its small size, micro bar.bites helps you live large with its international flair in Kelowna’s culinary scene. There’s no better place this summer to sidle up to the bar and invite the talented staff to “beer me.” With eight taps rotating and staff keen to source beers that are unique, it’s a great place to try something new. The best of craft beer from local breweries such as Crannóg Ales, Tree Brewing, and Cannery Brewing are regularly featured and you’ll find an exciting mix of global selections. Perched upon a funky bar stool at the centrepiece 65-foot woodcrafted bar is a great vantage to check out the latest list.

Wherever you prefer to sit or stand, there’s no telling where your flight might take you. Let’s go to Belgium with Mort Subite Kriek, a lambic beer produced by spontaneous fermentation giving it a distinctive cherry aroma with fruit flavour and round sweetness – vinous, dry and cidery with a sour close. There’s the strong Belgium golden ale Delirium Tremens which translates to “trembling madness”. Delirium teases – are you hallucinating those pink elephants spotted on its label? Anything Portland is hot now and you’ll find that embodied in the Rose City Red Ale of Alameda Brewhouse. Who doesn’t want to hop on a scooter and be fabulously fashionable with a Peroni? It’s called an “aspirational” lager and don’t we all aspire to an Italian lifestyle? There’s also a good bottle list of beers of the world with choices like Red Stripe conjuring up college vacations in Jamaica.

On Tumbler Tuesday enjoy special beer flights from the rotating list, available all day/all night. Of course, you can order your own flight any day because why taste just one beer when you can opt for four?

~ Roslyne Buchanan