(picured: Winemaker Dwight Sick)

Stag’s Hollow’s wine club is fast becoming the only way to ensure that you get to try some of the most creative blends in the Okanagan being made today. Winemaker Dwight Sick is creative with the wines he creates and has developed a track record of crafting blends that work in accord with the strengths of the vintage.

This year’s result is going to be limited to members of the Stag’s Hollow wine club out of necessity – there are only 110 cases of it. “It’s a treat for our members,” says Dwight. The wine is called “Hawk’s Hollow” and is a masterful blend of 40% Syrah and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon with 10% Petit Verdot, all aged in 100% French oak, half of which is new. A tank sample of this wine just prior to bottling reveals a deep, rich, and complex wine that is finely balance despite the domineering tendencies of the three varieties involved. “It’s not the kind of wine to take home to mom,” says Dwight with a smile. A skilled blender, he has crafted a complex blend that shows elements of each grape variety’s flavours in nuanced waves that are sure to keep the wine intriguing from one sip to the next.

Of course you’ll have to become a member to get your hands on a bottle of Hawk’s Hollow. Stop into the wine shop or check out their website for more benefits of becoming a member of the Stag’s Hollow wine club.  

~ Luke Whittall