e all know that sometimes a change is just what the therapist ordered and at Therapy Vineyards, the owners are following that advice. They wrote their own prescription for growth by hiring Judi Skinner as the winery’s new General Manager.
You may recognize Skinner’s name. She’s spent the last eight years initially as operations manager for Dirty Laundry Vineyard migrating to sales and marketing manager. Skinner jokingly says, “So far, I’ve had a great career in the wine industry but now that I’ve aired out all my dirty laundry, I’m ready for some therapy.”
Until recently, Therapy’s general partners had been taking turns running the winery on a part-time basis. This year, they agreed – if they wanted to expand – they’d have to hire a full-time general manager. “Judi has been very successful at growing Dirty Laundry’s sales, and we’d like to do the same,” says managing partner Rene Massinon.
Therapy currently produces 9,000 cases per year but can produce much more. The partners hope to increase that number to 15,000. “Judi will help us get there. Everybody knows and respects her. She’s exactly what we’re looking for,” says Massinon.
Judi is a trained viticulturist and has several years of experience in wine sales and marketing as well as winery operations. She’s looking forward to using all of her talents: “I’ll finally be able to put my degree in psychology to use,” she laughs.
Massinon says Dirty Laundry and Therapy have a lot in common. In addition to making award-winning wines, both wineries focus on ensuring their guests have fun. Skinner adds, “I’m hoping to take Therapy to the next level. I’m hard working and target driven; I love puns, comedy, and educating people about wine.”
Skinner starts July 1, and just like Therapy’s signature Freud series, there’s no doubt she’ll be making a few Freudian slips along the way!
Therapy is also celebrating the recent release of its annual artist series bottle (Dog Days of Summer) and will be unveiling more new “prescription” labels for its wines. For information on winery events, including musical performances by singer-songwriter duo Aidan and Mandy, visit therapyvineyards.com.
~ Erin Trainer