When it’s time again to indulge in the well-loved flavours of Little Straw Vineyards, keep your eyes open for some changes.
The signature tastes born of third-generation winemaking remain intact, but a successful run with an artist series of labels has come to an end and the Slamka family decided to shift directions.
“We’ve done a re-branding—we are still the same Little Straw, but now we have bright primary colours on our labels to represent each of the wines,” explained the winery’s Trevor Mayhew, noting that the colours on the bottle’s label relate to the tastes within.
There’s a blue to go with the Sauvignon Blanc, representing the river rock feel and the Rosé is a fuchsia. More colour-blocking will come as further bottling rolls out. Mayhew explained the re-labelling isn’t just motivated by aesthetics, either.
With liquor laws being revised, there’s now a chance to get Little Straw onto Albertan store shelves, and a bit of eye-popping colour may be just what it takes to win over a new audience.
B.C.’s, after all, is well aware of what the winery can do.
The Slamkas bottle two versions of their Sauvignon Blanc, to meet consumer demands.
A dry version bottled under the La Petite Paille name is particularly well-loved.
“It’s crisp and refreshing on the palate, and in large demand in the Vancouver restaurant market,” said Mayhew, adding that the wine’s acid level pairs nicely with ginger and soy.
The Little Straw Sauvignon Blanc is sweeter, and has a more widespread audience.

~ Kathy Michaels