Members of the Naramata Bench Wineries Association are having fun planning their biggest event of the season, the annual Tailgate Party. This year the 25 wineries will be circling trucks to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the making of the iconic Canadian film, My American Cousin, written and directed by Naramata filmmaker Sandy Wilson. Join the wineries and Sandy, with cast and crew members, for a memorable event September 13 at Poplar Grove Winery. Once you get tickets—they sell out fast—start looking for your late 50s outfit. There will be distinctive wines from the Association’s 25 wineries, delicious food from local restaurants, and music from the era to listen and dance to. Tickets are $95.
The wineries are in full swing for the season, ready to welcome visitors and wine enthusiasts, and to share their renowned wines and spectacular wine country. The Association’s mantra is “A Story in Every Bottle”, so when you open a bottle of one of its members’ great wines, memories from your visit will also come pouring out.
Committed to offering quality wines, Association members also like to have fun and share authentic experiences with visitors. To enrich your visit to the Bench, individual wineries host events, many of which are free, throughout the season.
If you want to enjoy Naramata wines year round, join the Best of the Bench Wine Club, and receive a mixed case of wine twice a year delivered to your door. Wine Club details and Tailgate tickets at  
~ Dona Sturmanis