Cover artwork by artist Kena Cumming Cormier.


About The Artist:

Years ago I decided I would never paint.  My thought process was that there were soooo many painters in the world, I didn’t want to be categorized as such & confined to that “box”.  I thrived on creating with unusual mediums. So late one night, when my husband Lawrence was away and I was on my own with a bottle of wine, I hatched the idea of extending my paintings beyond the confines of the box.  I knew I could still do some “light” work in the metal shop. So cutting metal rods and plasma cutting sheet metal into shapes, welding them together, adding a patina & attaching them to my canvases, I began my inspirational foray into the world of painting & my mixed media “wallart”.   

I am back in the same neighbourhood I grew up in as a kid in Penticton, the little ponds we caught turtles, snakes & tadpoles in, built rafts & pretended to be Tom Sawyer & skated on in the winter are gone, as is the “jungle”, but the memories are not. Campbell Mountain, the KVR trail, the tunnels, the waterfall & our beautiful lakes, no one could ever take away.

Growing up in a turquoise bedroom all my life I swore I would never incorporate that colour into my artwork, well………how can you not when you live in this valley surrounded by beautiful blue lakes, blue mountains & blue skies. Almost everyone of my paintings has lots of turquoise in it, the underpainting on my canvases is a dark blue. Blue, blue, blue in all its various shades, there is no getting away from it!

My artwork can be found in collections throughout Canada, USA, Australia, Mexico, The Netherlands & Switzerland.

~ Kena