Little Straw’s Barrel Top Grill offers an opportunity to absorb all that’s best about the valley.  Chef Trevor Mayhew’s passion for smoking the best flavours from locally produced fare and pairing it with the winery’s well renown vintages offers a taste experience that is deliciously Okanagan.

“Right now all of our entrees are paired with seasonal vegetables,” said Mayhew. “Our veg are coming right out of our own garden and they’re amazing.”

But what’s born from local geography blending with personality, sets the experience apart from the rest.

“The intimacy at Little Straw is a big plus,” Mayhew said, noting that visitors are seated with a stunning view of lake.  

“Then I come out and personally greet each person.”
Creating the relationship between diners and the men and women behind the scenes is exactly why the restaurant has stayed intimate in size.

More tables could definitely be squeezed onto the outdoor dining space, but that would take away from the experience Mayhew wants to impart. The winery, after all, is a Slamka family enterprise and that’s a concept visitors can feel no matter where they are on the property.

Currently dinner service is held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and a reservation is a must.  Come fall, there will be some new experiences for visitors to explore.  Mayhew will be pairing vintage wines from Little Straw’s personal library with new and exciting seasonal fare.  Tickets for that event are available now, and are going fast.

~ Kathy Michaels