(photo: Winemaker Mason Spink with Lauren Selfridge)

Envied and applauded for their savvy marketing, Dirty Laundry Vineyard is busting out colourful new packaging that parallels their vibrant winemaking style and fun wine shop experience. In a sea of white labels, DLV’s re-branded wines are eye-catching showstoppers.

California-based designer Bill Kole previously designed the sexy silkscreened look for their fruit-driven white blend ‘Secret Affair’ and it’s red-blend counterpart, ‘Dangerous Liaison.’ The pivotal success of these wines prompted DLV to task Kole with re-branding many other wines, debuting with their 2013 Gewürztraminer “sisters” of Threadbare Vines, Woo Woo, and Madame’s Vines (sweetness codes of 0, 1 and 2, respectively). Each bares a different colour of matching screw cap and vivid silkscreened label, making for easy distinction on the shelf. These wines feature DLV’s highly recognizable ‘clothes-peg’ motif… if you haven’t been pegged by the friendly staff at their shop or wine function yet, you’re missing out on the fun!

DLV’s handsome, talented and (sorry ladies!) newly wedded head winemaker Mason Spink is thrilled with the new look.
“The new packaging really stands out. People often remember the label colour of a favourite wine, rather than a varietal name. Our wine shop customers are loving the new branding.”

“We’ve eclipsed 20,000 cases now, this next vintage is expected to surpass 25,000 cases.”
So what’s the secret to their success? Mason believes it begins with their destination wine shop.
“We’re not on highway 97. People choose to come to Summerland for our great wines and unique experience. We have a great pull through our packaging, but it’s the wine that makes them return. We don’t just deliver, but over deliver on product. Combine all that, and it’s pretty easy.”

~ Sarah Willard