Adega on 45th owners Alex and Maria Nunes and Fred and Pamala Farinha (pictured:(l-r) Fred, Pamala, Alex & Maria) are all a bit giddy when talking about two special new wines scheduled to be released in October. They were all a little secretive about the exact details but I did manage to get some information about these two very special wines. One will be made of Merlot and the other of Syrah although the exact names of each wine will be kept a secret until they are released in October.

Both new reserve wines were from the 2012 vintage and were produced in extremely small lots of approximately 100 cases each. They were made from “special select grapes” that came from unique areas of their two vineyards. The Merlot comes from a special part of the vineyard where the winery is located on the eastern side of the valley. The soil in this vineyard has sand, clay, and a significant layer of volcanic ash in the area of the vineyard where these special grapes were grown. By contrast, the Syrah is grown in their other vineyard located on the western side of the valley closer to the border. The soil there is predominantly sand and is perfectly suited for growing Syrah. In fact, the previous vintage of Syrah recently received a Bronze Medal from the National Wine Awards of Canada along with the 2012 Malbec and 2013 Pinot Gris.

The new deli fridge has been popular this year, stocked with special wine-paired cheeses, Brie, and goat cheeses, prosciutto, and other high quality products that are perfect for picnics on the patio. Adega’s Customer Appreciation Day, held every Father’s Day in June, is always something to enjoy and the gang hopes to see you there next year.

~ Luke Whittall