The largest outdoor patio in Kelowna belongs to Smack DAB, the lively kitchen and bar located in the heart of Manteo Resort. With 150-seat capacity and overlooking Okanagan Lake, it was tremendously popular during the summer with its amazing weather. “There was lots of action on the lake for everyone to enjoy,” says Heather Schroeter, General Manager of Manteo Resort. “Boats, kite flyers, paddle boarders, kayaks….”

Through the autumn, weather depending, the patio stays open until the end of the Fall Wine Festival, which is Thanksgiving. “We have lots of big heaters on the patio as well as our glass wall that cuts down any wind in the cooler season,” says Heather.Smack DAB’s private View Room, which hosts 21 guests, is a huge success for everything from corporate meetings and dinners to wedding rehearsal dinners, family reunions and locals simply getting together for dinner.  A series of Beer Masters dinners in the View Room will be starting up in October.

The premium casual dining menu, with everything from breakfast to dinner to late night snacks, includes favourites such as prawn tacos, crispy chicken sandwiches, forno oven pizzas and much more. The new style classics with big bold flavours, prepared by Executive Chef Brad Horen and his team, are perfectly accompanied by not just wine, but great cocktails and craft beer…what Smack DAB is famous for.

There are 12 taps for craft beer, two of which are ‘guest taps’, allowing single or small run feature kegs of hard-to-get beers to be poured when they are available. Guests can also order a flight of craft beers, choosing five from the list of twelve and getting four ounces of each to decide a favourite.

There are now 30 more parking spots at Smack DAB—great news for fall guests!

~ Dona Sturmanis