New packaging, agents, markets  and more… it’s full-steam ahead for Therapy Vineyards & Guesthouse.  Spearheading the changes is GM Judi Skinner.  Well-known for her successful years with Dirty Laundry Vineyard, Judi joined Therapy last summer with a vision: taking them to the next level.
“This is Therapy’s year,” says Judi. “We hope to blow this year out of the park!”
It’s perfect timing – Therapy is celebrating their tenth anniversary.  Steve Latchford’s winemaking skills and vineyard manager Lance Rhodenizer’s expertise have resulted in a loyal following for their consistently good wines. Now with fearless leader Judi at the helm, Therapy is poised for greatness.
“I love the feeling of the place,” explains Judi. “We generate collective ideas and everyone works together. We’re like a big, happy family.” With a whole new lineup of dedicated agents from BC to Ontario, that family is growing.
Therapy’s name has always inspired clever marketing. Playing off psychoanalytical themes like the iconic Sigmund Freud, their blends have names like “Pink Freud”, “Freudian Sip”, and “Bruised Ego.”  Classy black and white pictures of Freud are replacing the inkblot labels for their single-varietal wines.  Currently, the 2013 Gewürztraminer, 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, 2011 Merlot and 2012 Pinot Noir all feature the new look. Therapy has also introduced 20-litre Key Kegs of Fizzio Therapy and Freud’s Ego.
Looking for “group therapy”? Enjoy world-class views from Therapy’s on-site Guesthouse. Accommodating up to 22, the beautifully designed villa features an open concept top floor with private units below.
~ Sarah Willard